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FPGA-based Vectorial Spectrum Analizer

This Spectrum Analyzer is implemented in the Virtex II Xilinx device available in the XtremeDSP kit. The analyzer is based on the Fast Fourier Transform computation. A 1024-point FFT is used. It can analyze signals up to 30 MHz (limited by the ADC sample frequency, 65 MHz) with a resolution of 10 kHz and its dynamic range is 74 dB. A spectral zoom by a factor of 2 or 4, together with four windows (rectangular, Hamming, Blackmann-Harris and Flattop) are selectable and the spectrum can be visualized in linear or logarithmic scale (dBs). The subsystem to computes the modulus and phase is preformed by a vectoring mode CORDIC with circular coordinates, and the subsystem to computes the &ldqou;log(x)” function is implemented with a vectoring mode CORDIC with hyperbolic coordinates.

Block diagram of the Spectrum Analizer


FPGA resources

FPGA resources No.
Multipliers (MULT18x18)

Block RAM (BRAM)



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